Merry Christmas 1999

    • Katie and Pete started 1999 with a cruise from Tampa to Grand Cayman, Cozumel, and New Orleans. Katie is shown at Grand Cayman “petting” a Sting Ray at Sting Ray City. We went to the Mayan Ruins at Tulum on the way to Cozumel. They sure did some fancy construction for their time. Kevin was on break from college, Cal State Stanislaus, while we cruised.  He took a river-rafting-guiding class on the American river, while Karen was on a super trip to Italy with the Los Altos High School Band. She performs in the colorguard unit.
    • For Pete’s birthday in July we made a trip to Laughlin, Nevada with the Sea Doos.  Karen is shown below, in the lake, and advertising that she will graduate from high school in 2001.
    • In early July the four of us made a quick weekend trip to New York City to surprise Katie’s parents for their 80th birthdays.  Joining us for a surprise dinner at the top of the World Trade Center were (left to right and front to rear) Lisa, Heather, and Chris Poppe, Kevin, Pete, Mr. Ordung, Karen, Gerda Meesters (all the way from Belgium), Yushi Tsai, Katie, Bao-Zen Tsai, Mrs. Ordung, and Aunt Evelyn Pearson.  Katie’s parents were really surprised!  Kevin and I enjoyed two days and then back to work in California. 
    • Karen and Katie continued the rest of the week in the East visiting more of New York City, seeing the play, Rent, the Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty. Then it was off to Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell, and finally on to Washington DC.
    • In August, Kevin, Katie, and Pete made a trip to Maui. Kevin did some SCUBA diving at the Molokini atoll.  We did the usual Luau, snorkeling and eating. During a super raft trip to the Southern end of the island, we saw different rock formations and even backed into some very big caves (this was a guided tour – we didn’t drive!).  Snorkeling after lunch, Katie caught Pete trying to take a picture of her.
    • We purchased a new boat this spring and to help us boat safely, we joined the Coast Guard Auxillary. We’re having fun learning all of the navigation regulations. We had a great Fourth of July with our first long trip in the new boat to Catalina Island.  We joined friends and their cruising club for an enjoyable weekend “floating”.
    • Katie has had a full time position at the high school teaching English and Reading.  See the picture of her smartest student, Beau, from class K9 on the left below. Katie also is active with Karen in the National Charity League. Pete is rapidly approaching the completion of his second year with Edison, his 12th year on the NetComm radio project.   Edison now has over 25,000 radios that Pete has to help track.
    • This Christmas we will be celebrating with Katie’s parents and sister’s family in Park City, Utah. We will be bringing in the New Year at home, since Pete is on call at work for possible year 2000 problems.
    • We wish you all happy holidays and hope that we can visit more with each of you in the coming year.

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