Sites of Bickerdikes, our relatives and our friends.  A great deal of information,

check them out. (updated 12-4-16)

                Not in any particular order:

      Tulip and Australia Pictures  

McTwin’s Professional  site


Pete’s blog site (pretty much inactive and replaced with facebook)


Alexander’s site (Grandson)


McTwins site - pictures only


Ethan’s site (Grandson)


Taylor’s site (Granddaughter)


Payton’s site (Granddaughter)


Trevor’s site (Grandson)


Kaitlyn’s site (Granddaughter)


Jennifer and Hugo’s site

Liberty's design page


Tracy and Cathy Nelson’s site


Gerda’s site


Kevin's site


John Franklin’s work site


Beau’s Site


Current weather at Bickerdike, Canada


A fun Bickerdike place to take your dog (thanks Jennifer)!


Ham radio Links:


Take a practice test and see if you can qualify for a license   (its a lot easier than you think to get your license these days no code!) Look under the resources tab


Find a ham by callsign or name or address: (search just below the world in upper left hand corner)


EchoLink system Information (Pete's stuff)


                        Drive by burglars 11-14-16
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