12/16/2008 Our faithful friend passed away after almost 12 years of faithful companionship.


08/16/2006 update: For those of you that have been following my problems, I am doing very well now after having a toe amputated from my left rear leg.

This nurse picture was sent to cheer me up   by Rickey, KG4WYW, from Johnson City, TN. At times I hear my master talking to him on the Ham radio. Rickey likes to watch me on my webcam while I patrol the pool.

Unfortunately Rickey’s nurse does NOT do house calls, and did not send her address or phone number or email address. Darn, the good ones always play hard to get!


My statistics:

Hello, I’m Beau, a 60 pound Standard Poodle. A “real” Poodle, not one of those slimmed down models.

I was born December 4th, 1996 in La Habra, California (about 10 miles from my Hacienda Heights home).

I went to school when I was six months old to learn sitting, lying down, comming, heeling, and staying. At graduation I received a certificate for sitting, my best subject (and the only one that I like).

My day consists of rising around eleven, having breakfast, and then guarding the street from either the front door or the sliding glass door.

I especially like the UPS man, I can hear his truck from a block away. If he stops at our house I jump up and down the whole time he is here.

Please click on the link at the left to see some pictures of me.

I also have my OWN webpage so if you have trouble remembering how to spell Bickerdike, try

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